Duotight Inline Regulator


Duotight Inline Regulator is the awesome compact solution for adjusting water and gas pressure. Useful in many different applications and can be used for compressed air, CO2, nitrogen, mains water supply and many other things.

The unit is made from food grade engineering plastic, stainless steel and quality made EPDM seals.

NOTE: These small guages enable the regulator to be so compact however for more accurate pressures readings we recommend getting different guages to suit the pressure range you want to use.


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Duotight Inline Regulator

Duotight Inline Regulator

The design utilizes the reliability of the duotight o-ring system to make sure you can fit hoses to this unit quickly and with leak free connections.

To see how this regulator can be setup and used see this video here:

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Weight .13 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 9 × 9 cm


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