Easy Siphon 350mm


The Easy Siphon 350mm is a new smaller 350ml syphon, great to use with 5 litre Demijohn with Cap, jars or smaller fermentations. 

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    Easy Siphon 350mm

    The Easy Siphon 350mm makes syphoning simple. Comes with a sediment reducer on the end to avoid sediment being transferred to your fermenter.

    1. Sanitise and rinse you Easy Siphon
    2. Get the inner tube gasket & outer tube wet
    3. Attach the curved siphon to a 5/16″ x 7/16th hose
    4. Submerge the end of the Easy Siphon into the container
    5. If bottling, attach the right bottle filler for the hose you are using and place it inside the bottle. Otherwise, place the hose into another container
    6. Pull the inner tube up about 7″, until the liquid fills the tube
    7. Pump the inner tube down and siphoning will begin
    8. Pull out the inner tube and sanitise the Easy Sipon for storage

    To prolong the life of your Easy Siphon, make sure that every time you assemble the unit, the inner walls of the outside acrylic tube and the O-Ring are wet.

    This product is not resistant to high levels of alcohol. Do not sanitize with alcohol.Acrylic is safe for long exposure to ABV (alcohol by Volume) up to 15%. It is safe up to 30% ABV for short periods of time (10 minutes or so). Not safe to expose acrylic to more than 30% ABV. Exceeding those limits will damage the Acrylic and could potentially leach into liquid. 

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