Lalvin EC1118

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Lalvin EC-1118 is robust, reliable & neutral – useful for a wide range of applications; original strain not to be under estimated.

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Lalvin EC1118

Lalvin EC1118

Isolated in Champagne, Lallemand EC1118 has a wide range of applications where a rapid neutral fermentation is required, including fermentation of white and red wines table wines, secondary fermentation, late harvest whites and also for barrel fermentations and restarting stuck ferments. EC-1118 has high fermentation vigour, low nitrogen demand, ferments over a wide temperature range (10°- 30°C), tolerates up to 18% v/v alcohol, and is killer active. Flocculates well with very compact lees. Relatively high level of colour extraction in red wines. Under low nutrient conditions, EC-1118 can produce significant amounts of SO2 (eg. up to 50 mg/L) which may contribute to MLF inhibition. When SO2 production is low, this yeast is MLF compatible.


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