Peach Schnapps Flavouring


Peach Schnapps Flavouring flavours 1.25L of sweet Peach Schnapps packed full of pleasant ripe stone fruit peach flavours and aromas.

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Peach Schnapps Flavouring

Usage Instructions

Add entire 50mL contents of Impressence – Peach Schnapps Spirit Flavouring sachet to 600mL of 40% ABV Alcohol. Dissolve 180g of sugar in the flavoured spirit and Top up to 1.25L with water. It make take a little longer for the sugar to dissolve. This is normal, it will be worth it when you serve up shaken on ice in an espresso martini.

This will give you a final product of 20% ABV with 15% Sugar.

For best results we recommend using neutral, high quality alcohol.


Natural Flavouring, Humectant (E422), Acidity regulator (E330).

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