SafLager S-23

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SafLager S-23 bottom fermenting yeast originated from Berlin (Germany) and is recommended for the production of fruity and estery lagers. Its lower attenuation profile gives beers with a good length on the palate.

Ingredients: Yeast (Saccharomyces pastorianus), emulsifier E491


Saflager S-23 Lager Yeast

Saflager S-23 Lager Yeast

Sedimentation: high
Final Gravity: medium
Temperature Range: 11-24ºC, ideally 11-15ºC
Dosage: 11.5 g in 20 to 30 litres at room temperature. 2 x 11.5 g in 20 to 30 litres at 11-15ºC

Fermentis Saflager S-23 Yeast True Lager Strain Technical Data Sheet

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