Shamrock Whiskey

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Smooth and refined. Rounded and malty with notes of lemon, charred wood and sweet spice. Ideal for adding to a neutral spirit or vodka to create a premium top shelf taste experience.

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Shamrock Whiskey


Each pack holds twin sachets and flavours up to 2 x 1.125 L

Mixing Instructions

Add the contents of one sachet contents to 1.125 L of 40% ABV neutral spirit or vodka. Rinse out any remaining flavouring from the sachet with some of the alcohol.

Ingredients / Allergens

Flavouring, colour (caramel (E150b) (sulphites)).

Allergens included:


Shamrock Whiskey Spirit Flavouring

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Weight .049 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 17 cm


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